Hida Takayama Sightseeing Photo Exhibition on the Internet

In 2016, the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the municipality of Takayama City, Takayama-born photographer Masahiko Yanagisawa won the Gold Prize in Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3). To celebrate the occasion, Yanagisawa will post photographs of Takayama City on the Internet for a year(from 1st of January 2017 to 31st of December) for viewing by people in Japan and around the world as a show of love and gratitude for his hometown.
As you may know, Takayama City is named in the Michelin Guide as an international tourist destination like Kyoto and Nara. Hida Takayama welcomes international visitors and encourages them to discover the charms and attractions of the city.

Profile of Masahiko YANAGISAWA / Photographer

Born in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan in 1957.
Became a freelance photographer in 1988 after working as a newspaper correspondent for Chunichi Shimbun. Published successive photo collections “The Beautiful Strong” and “The Portraits of Challengers,” establishing an unassailable position as a sports photographer. Actively worked at major international sporting events including the Olympics, world championships and world cups. In 1996, published photo collection “Dance, Dance, Dance” under the theme of social dance from publisher “Genkosha,” winning the acclaim of the late Mr. Masuo Ikeda, an internationally-recognized woodblock artist.
Works were featured in a variety of media including newspapers, magazines, posters, CD jackets and jigsaw puzzles. Acted as a lecturer for camera magazines and as a judge for photo contests. Popularly serialized on the front cover of “Monthly Dance View” magazine (published by Modern Publishing) as an invited photographer artist for 18 years from May 1998 to May 2016. Won a gold medal in the Nature Section of the 2016 Px3 Photo Competition in France. Looking to make further progress.
Member of JPS (Japan Photographers Society)
Member of AIPS (Association International de la Presse Sportive)

≫ 2016 PX3 GOLD PRIZE ( Nature / Underwater )
photographer Masahiko Yanagisawa

Vol.1Might a sweet romance start in a white snow scene?
Vol.2It’s warm even though it’s winter. The warmth of human kindness may melt the cold snow.
Vol.3People in snowy regions really look forward to the start of pink cherry blossom season.
Vol.4The Takayama Festival tells mountain villages of the true arrival of spring. When the Takayama Festival starts, everyone realizes spring has arrived.
Vol.5The season of glaring light and wind. You will encounter breathtaking scenes of a game of love between birds in the brightly blooming flowers.
Vol.6You will feel exited with a sense of openness in the early summer. Energetic dramas unfold here and there.
Vol.7It’s the season when people feel the heat and humidity, even those living in a cool mountain village. Takayama appears to be an international tourist city.
Vol.8in the period of Obon in midsummer, people often visit their family graves and temples.
Vol.9You will hear the whispers of early autumn from somewhere. Takayama is home to many of Japan’s natural landscapes.
Vol.10The Takayama Festival adds vivid colors to autumn with beautiful leaves. People from all over the world visit and are impressed by the traditional beauty left by artisans in Hida.
Vol.11The contest between the flaming autumnal leaves is splendid. Trees with red- and yellow-tinged leaves express the grandeur of nature.
Vol.12The rigorous winter signals the end of late autumn and arrives suddenly. When travelers wake up, everything is covered with snow, and they automatically shiver.

≫ Normal viewing ( JAPANESE ENTRANCE)